Basic Cooking Terms

Basic cooking terms
A list of most common cooking terms which will help you to make your cooking in the kitchen easier and convenient.
•Aldente:    Refers to an Italian term used to describe pasta that is
cooked “firm to tooth”i.e it offers resistance to the bite.
•Baking:        Cooking with dry heat in an oven.
•Barbecue:    To roast whole or pieces of meat on direct heat on a spit   Or rack.
•Basting:    Applying melted fat with a brush over the surface of
food being baked or roasted.
•Bater:    Mixing of water or milk to flour turning it into a thin
•Beating:    Incorporating air into the food by up and down
movement of a fork or a beater.
•Binding:    Adding egg, cream or fat to a dry mixture to hold it
•Blanching: Plunging food into hot water then into cold water
immediately to partially cook or to remove the outer skin of nuts or tomatoes.
•Blending:    Mixing of two or more ingredients into a smooth paste.
•Boiling:    Cooking in liquid at a temperature of 100 degrees centigrade.
•Bouquet garni: A muslin bag filled with herbs and condiments tied at the top,cooked along with soups or stews to flavour them.  The bag is removed after the food is cooked.
•Braising:    Browning meat or vegetables in a casserole with a
small amount of fat and cooking in liquid covered on slow fire.
•Bread:    To cover with bread crumbs completely.
•Brine:    Salt and water solution used for pickling or preserving.
•Brushing:    Applying coating of milk,egg or butter on the surface of
food to get a shiny top.
•Caramalize: To cook sugar in a dry utensil till it turns golden.
•Casserole:    Earthen,glass or metal cooking pot with lid.
•Chantilly:    Semi sweet whipped cream.
•Chilling:    Cooling food without freezing it in a refrigerator.
•Chowder:    Stew made out of fish.
•Colander:    Perforated metal or plastic basket used for draining  liquid.
•Combine:    To mix the ingredients.
•Creaming:    Mixing two or more ingredients with a mixer or spoon to make it soft and fluffy.
•Crepe:    Thin pancake.
•Croquette:    Cooked and mashed vegetables,meat or fish moulded into different shapes,dipped in egg,rolled in crumbs and fried.
•Croutons :    Fried or toasted pieces of bread served with soup.
•Cure:    Preserving fish or meat by salting and drying.
•Cutting in:    Combining fat with dry ingredients by blending them With two knives or fingertips.
•Dicing:    Cutting into small pieces.
•Dot:    To place small blobs of fat over the surface of the food.
•Dough:    A mixture of flour,water or milk firm enough to form  Into shapes.
•Drain:    To remove liquid from solid food.
•Dredge:    To sprinkle flour or sugar on food.
•Dress:    To garnish food or to clean a chicken,turkey or duck.
•Dressing: A sauce used for mixing in salads on serving.
•Dusting: Sprinkling,salt,pepper,flour,sugar etc on food.
•Escalope: Thin slices of meat beaten with a hammer and fried.
•Fillets:    Long thin boneless strips of meat or fish.
•Flake:    Seperating with a fork like flaking fish from bones.
•Folding:Mixing one ingredient into another using a spatula.
•Force meat:Stuffing poultry with bread,meat,rice,butter etc.
•Fricassee: braising small pieces of food in little oil.
•Frost:     To coat cake with icing of confectioners sugar.
•Frying:    Cooking food in lot of oil.
•Garnish: To decorate a dish with something to add colour to it.
•Glaze:    To brush food with egg,milk or sugar syrup for shining.
•Goulash:Beef,onion,tomato and pepper stew.
•Grate:    To rub against grater to get thin shreds.
•Gravy:    The resultant liquid that is left after boiling solid food.
•Grilling:Cooking under high heat directly over an open flame.
•Grinding: To chop and force food through a chopper to grind.
•Hash:A dish made by mixing left over meat,potatoes etc.
•Icing: Coating cakes with icing sugar.
•Julienne: Cutting vegetables into thin strips .
•Karahi: A heavy iron pan for deep frying.
•Knead: To work out dough with flour and water.
•Lasagne:Wide ribbon like noodles.
• Macerate:To soften food by soaking in liquid.
•Marinate: To soak raw food in a mixture of spices and oil.
•Melt: To heat and liquify.
•Mince:To chop food finely.
•Offal: Edible internal organs of meat or poultry.
•Panch phoran: A mixture of cumin,nigella,fenugreek,mustard and aniseeds.
•Parboil: To partially boil the food.
•Pare:    To peel the outer covering.
•Poach:     To cook raw egg in boiling water without shell.
•Punch:     A spirit drink mixed with fruits and fruit juices etc.
•Puree:    Raw or cooked food which is passed through a seive.
•Rasping Fine crumbs of bread or cake obtained by grating.
•Roast:  To cook food with dry heat in an oven or open flame.
•Roe:    Eggs of female fish are called hard roe.
•Roux:     Cooked mixture of fat and flour used to thicken soups and sauces.
•Rub in: Rubbing together flour and fat with fingertips till it resembles breadcrumbs.
•Saute:Fry food in hot fat tossing continously to brown evenly.
•Scald:To heat milk or cream below boiling point.
•Sear:    To brown the surface of food at a high temperature.
•Seasoning: Herbs and condiments used to flavour food.
•Scramble: To cook while mixing.
•Shirr:    To bake eggs in cream,vegetables and puree.
•Sift:    To pass through a seive.
•Skewers: Long wooden or metal pins used to pierce food to keep it in place while roasting.
•Skillet: A heavy iron shallow frying pan.
•Smoking: Curing meat by exposing it to wood smoke for a long time.
•Steaming: Cooking food in steam in a double boiler.
•Stewing: Simmering of food in little liquid to soften it.
•Stirring: Mixing in a circular motion.
•Stock:     Liquid in which meat or vegetable has been cooked.
•Tagliatelle: Thin flat egg noodles.
•Tarka: To garnish food with fried herbs and condiments.
•Toast: To brown food under a grill or over dry heat.
•Trivet: Perforated plate used in pressure cooker for steam to pass through.
•Truffle:A kind of fungus used for seasoning dishes.
•Truss: To fasten wings etc of poultry with thread before roasting.
•Tutti frutti: Candied mixed fruits.
•Vermicelli: Very fine strands of pasta.
•Vinaigrette: A mixture of oil,vinegar,salt and pepper.
•Wafer: Thin biscuits made with rice flour served as a garnish.
•Whip: To beat food rapidly with a fork or mixer to introduce air.
•Zest: Grated outer covering of citrus fruits used to flavour foods.

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