Dahi and radish chutney

Dahi and radish chutney  

This tangy and spicy unique radish chutney goes well with  any fried  snack or can also be served as an accompliment with any other Indian dish.In winter season vegetable markets are flooded with root veggies, it’s a good idea to include this vegetable in your diet this form.
Makes:1 small bowl

•    ½ cup radish diced.
•    ¼ cup mint leaves chopped.
•    ½ cup corriander leaves chopped.
•    1 pinch black pepper powder.
•    ½ tsp salt.
•    ½ tsp chat masala.
•    2 cloves garlic chopped.
•    ½ inch ginger chopped.
•    2 green chillies chopped.
•    ½ cup hung thick yoghurt.
•    1 lemon juice.
•    Take a blender,mix together all the ingredients.
•    Blend and make a chutney of a pouring consistency.
•    Check the seasoning.
•    Garnish with mint leaves.
•    Serve.

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