Imli ki meethi chutney

Imli ki meethi chutneyor saunth

A very popular spicy and sweet  chutney usually served with Indian chaat. No street food is complete without the garnish of this tangy and delicious chutney.This chutney also goes well with puris and paranthas. Let us today prepare this chutney in our very own kitchen.

•    ½ cup seedless imli or tamrind.
•    ¾ cup sugar or grated jaggery as per your wish.
•    ¼ tsp saunth powder (dry ginger).
•    ¼ tsp red chilli powder.
•    ¼ tsp roasted cumin powder.
•    ¼ tsp black pepper powder.
•    1 pinch garam masala powder.
•    1 pinch black salt.
•    1pinch regular salt.

•    Soak imli in 2 cups of water for half an hour.
•    Boil imli in a pan for few minutes till it is cooked.
•    Remove from fire mash well with the back of your spoon.
•    Now strain the pulp to extract all the juice properly.
•    Now add rest of the ingredient to the juice  and bring the mixture to boil.
•    Simmer for about 8 minutes till it coats the back of your spoon and becomes thick.
•    Remove from fire,cool and store in a clean and dry bottle in the refrigerator.
•    This chutney lasts for more than a month.

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