Tomato peanut chutney

Tomato peanut chutney  


This delicious chutney can be served with anydish.
Makes : 2 cups

•    2 cups chopped tomatoes.
•    1 cup roasted and crushed peanuts.
•    2 tbsp refined oil.
•    1 tsp mustard seeds.
•    1 tsp cumin seeds.
•    8 cloves garlic.
•    1 sprig curry leaves.
•    5 green chillies.
•    1 pinch heing or asafoetida.
•    4 whole red chillies broken to pieces.
•    ½ cup corriander leaves.
•    Salt to taste.

•    Heat oil in a pan add heing then crackle mustard seeds and cumin seeds,add green chillies,red chillies,curry leaves  and garlic cook for  few seconds, add chopped tomatoes and salt,stir well,cover and cook on low heat till tomatoes are soft.
•    Remove from heat,cool and transfer to a blender along with corriander leaves,crushed peanuts,and little water to blend.
•    Blend to a smooth paste and serve.

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