Yoghurt dipwith basil and garlic

Yoghurt dipwith basil and garlic

This dip goes very well with all the fried and tandoori snacks.
Makes: 1 bowl.

•    1 cup hung thick yoghurt.
•    1 tbsp cream.
•    1 tbsp mayonaise.
•    1 green chilli chopped.
•    Salt and pepper to taste.
•    3 flakes garlic.
•    2 tbsp chopped basil leaves and green corriander leaves.
•    Juice of 1 lemon.

•    Take a blender put together yoghurt,green chilli,garlic basil and corriander leaves blend for few seconds.
•    Transfer the mixture to a bowl.
•    Add in cream,mayonaise,salt, pepper and lemon juice.
•    Mix well.
•    Check the seasoning.
•    Garnish with chopped onion greens.
•    Serve.

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