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I am Tarkeshwari and I live in NCR with my family but my roots go back to the beautiful hills of Kumaon in Uttarakhand.

I am a food enthusiast who loves to cook and click pictures,I think this site is a wonderful platform for these two passions of mine. I simply enjoy cooking for my family and friends. I love to experiment with food in my kitchen,whenever I am free one can see me in kitchen experimenting with flavours.I am not a trained chef but I have had a formal training in cooking during my college days,and the rest I have learnt through practice on my own.

I have grown up watching my mother and grandmother cook simple yet delicious traditional recipes for the family. Thanks to my mother and my mom in law for sustaining our rich culinary heritage till date.I think now it is my responsibility to pass on this heritage to my next generation.

My site is only a humble attempt to share my passion for cooking with everyone.The main reason of starting my site is to keep a record of all the recipes which I have learnt and experimented,along with traditional recipes of my family.My childrens are the ones who motivated me to start this site but  they are  my biggest critics for my cooking and their criticism is mostly truthful and I mostly agree with them. You will  find some uttaranchal flavours  also in my space along with delicious home cooked Indian food.Each and every recipe has been tried and tested in my kitchen and enjoyed by my family.

I have had no formal training in food photography,clicking images is only a learning process.I click my pictures with Dx SLR camera( Nikon D 5200) with 18-55 mm lens and 35 mm lens.
Besides cooking my other passions are gardening.I have developed a small garden on the terrace of my house.Besides growing ornamentals and seasonal flowers and veggies I also grow herbs which I need for my cooking.I try to grow exotic veggies which are not easily available in the market.

All these years I have been working for central govt of India but now I am a full time mom, cook and a food blogger.
Besides I love chatting,spending time,and hanging out with friends.

Your comments and feed backs on my site will always be appreciated.Please let me know if you think I deserve an appreciation through e.mail.If you have any queries regarding any recipe feel free to drop an e.mail I would be glad to help you.
I request you to be very polite, courteous and respectful regarding comments. Any nastiness may result in blocking your I.P permanently.
Please note that all the contents and images on this site are copy right protected. Kindly respect the hard work  and effort that goes in making of the Site.

Kindly request for commercial use of the photos/contents at my e. Mail address.

Thanks a lot for visiting my Site.You can follow me on twitter,like me on facebook page or follow me on google plus.You can also subscribe to get notifications of the latest posts(recipes)as and when I update my Site





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