How To Make Paneer Or Cottage Cheese At Home

How To Make Paneer Or Cottage Cheese At Home

Paneer or cottage cheese is used to make a variety of Indian sweet and savoury dishes.Paneer is made by cogulating milk by adding acidic ingredients like lemon juice,vinegar or curd to the boiling milk,cogulated milk is collected on a muslin cloth or cheese cloth, thereafter pressed under heavy weight to get a block of fresh creamy and delicious cottage cheese.

The method of making paneer that I follow is very easy and is a no fail recipe.Though paneer can be made by using lemon juice or vinegar too but I like to use curd to make paneer because I feel that it yields more softer and creamier paneer as compared to paneer made by using lemon juice or vinegar.Moreover lemon juice or vinegar may also leave their after taste.

Homemade paneer is more creamier softer,delicious and definitely more hygienic than store bought one.

Time taken:20 minutes.

Yield:200 gms.


  • 1 litre full cream milk.
  • 1 cup slightly sour yoghurt or curd(whisked).

A piece of muslin or cheese cloth


  • In a big pan or a pot heat milk,bring it to boil.
  • Whisk curd in a bowl till smooth.
  • When milk starts boiling add curd little at a time and keep stirring to prevent milk from sticking to the bottom.
  • The milk will start curdling,keep stirring and adding curd till all the milk has curdled. Stirring is very important to prevent the curdled milk from sticking to the bottom of the pan.Switch off the gas when you see the milk curdling.
  • Remove the curdled milk from fire and drain it through a muslin or cheese cloth.
  • Place a bowl underneath the cheese cloth to collect the whey.Donot throw it away you can use it for cooking vegetables or soups or you can just cool it dilute with some more water and feed it to your potted plants.
  • Squeeze the cheese cloth to remove the excess liquid from paneer.
  • Place the cheese cloth with paneer on a chopping board or plate and place a heavy weight on top.
  • Let it sit for 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Remove the weight and keep aside.
  • Now your soft and lovely block of paneer is ready.
  • Cut it into desired shapes and use it to make yummy dishes like ‘matar paneer’, ‘malai kofta’, ‘chilli paneer’, ‘paneer tikka’ etc.
  • Do not press paneer for too long as it may become chewy.
  • You can store paneer in the fridge immersed in a bowl of water so that it stays soft or you can also store it in an air tight container.
  • In fridge paneer stays fresh for two to three days.

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